Monday, March 14, 2011

The choice between Facebook and Twitter

For some reason, I've totally shifted over most of my attention from Facebook to Twitter in 2011. Maybe it's the immediacy. Maybe it's the connections with all crazy sports figures. Maybe it's just more pleasing to the eye.

But for whatever reason, I gravitate more towards Twitter now. And while I still check in on Facebook multiple times per day, I go to Twitter a lot more. And with that, I find myself choosing posting stuff between the two. How do I go about making that chioce? How do most people?

I think the defining factor between making a tweet and posting a status update is who my intended audience is. If I'm making an inside joke with my close friends (all of whom are on Twitter), I think I go there to tweet about it.

However, if it's more of a general comment, maybe I'll take that idea to Facebook as a status update because it can relate to more people.

But other than that, I really think there's no method to my madness. It just depends on whatever service I'm currently on.

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